Crypto Tax Made Easy

"Done For You" Crypto Bookkeeping Service

"Done For You" Crypto Bookkeeping Service

Want To Avoid The Stress & Overwhelm Of Doing Your Own Crypto Tax Report?


Have us review your crypto transactions to save time, gain peace of mind, and potentially save a ton of money on tax.






If you’ve been experiencing stress & overwhelm when it comes to getting your crypto taxes done right, here’s how we can help.


If your preference is to save time and avoid the learning curve of doing your own crypto taxes, we offer a completely done-for-you service.


This service is designed to produce a crypto tax report that you can either hand to your old-school accountant for inclusion in your tax return. 


Or, if you are self filing with a service like TurboTax you can simply import the report. 


And you can have peace of mind that your crypto taxes are done right, and that you are not overpaying.


To start, we will show you how to set up Koinly, our crypto tax software. It takes about 10 to 30-minutes and once that is complete the process is completely hands off for you. 


We will review all of your crypto transactions and make sure you are not overpaying on your capital gains tax. You don’t have to lift a finger.


This is the best option for crypto investors who don’t want to spend weeks learning how to do their crypto taxes, and would rather not risk doing it wrong on their own.


Similar plans offered by crypto tax software companies and accounting firms start at $2500-3500 for basic cases, and go up substantially for more complex cases. Due to our proprietary software and processes we are able to offer this service at a fraction of the cost.

See our 5-Star Reviews from happy clients further down the page, and click "Request a Quote" to lock in your spot to make sure your report gets done before the tax deadline.



Note: tax savings in the current tax year cannot be guaranteed. But so far we've collectively saved clients tens of millions of dollars, and about 80% of clients have saved more in tax than our fee. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t Crypto Tax Software Already Do The Work? What Do I Need You For?

Crypto tax software has a number of benefits that save you time. However, it does not automatically categorize all of your transactions for you. And the tax softwares make lots of errors which mean you will overpay, and miss out on some losses to deduct.

If you just used Coinbase, you can probably rely on crypto tax software to get your report correct. But if you ventured out into more exotic arenas like Defi and NFTs, or you take crypto payments for your business, crypto tax software isn’t going to be able to help you minimize your taxes.

In fact, It will probably OVERESTIMATE your tax liability as shown in the case studies on this page.

That’s where we come in. We review the transactions in your crypto tax software, interpret what they mean, and apply the correct label to them so they are taxed correctly.

Next, we make sure all of your balances in the tax software matches your on-chain balances. This is like “checking our work” to make sure your report is accurate.

And finally, your report helps identify areas where you may be able to save on your crypto taxes in the future.

What Work Will I Need To Do?

The only work you need to do is this:

Spend about 10-30-minutes adding all of your crypto wallets and exchange accounts to the Koinly software. I will send you instructions for how to do this.

After that it is completely hands off until my final review. In the final review stage, I will have compiled all of the transactions that need clarification. At this point you can choose to review and clarify the transactions for maximum tax savings, or you can leave the report as is if you are satisfied.

Do You Pay For My Koinly Reports?

No. Koinly is a third-party software and you will be responsible for paying for your report.

We have negotiated a discounted rate for our clients on the software if you join through our link, and we also occasionally get discount codes to share.

Prices range from $70-179+ per year depending on your transaction counts.

However, if you decide to prepay for two tax years, we will pay for your reports for both years! This saves most clients $200+

Does This Include A Call With You?

No, the done-for-you service does not include any calls or tax planning.

You have direct access to me and my team via email, and we are happy to clarify any questions you have to make sure you are 100% confident in your crypto tax report.

Calls can be booked at an hourly rate where appropriate.