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Crypto Tax Made Easy Course

Crypto Tax Made Easy Course

The Crypto Tax Made Easy course was designed to help make crypto taxes easy.

Let's face it, crypto taxes suck. Most people on twitter would rather go to jail than do them.

But by using a combination of crypto tax software, like Koinly, plus a simple manual review process like we teach in this course most people can finish their crypto taxes in an afternoon.

Crypto Tax Softwares (like Koinly, which is what you will use in the course) are great for automatically labeling 80% of the transactions you make and spitting out a tax-office ready report.

But the 20% of transactions crypto tax softwares commonly miss can cause your gains to be overstated 3-5x. I've helped folks go from having a $1MM taxable gain to $250k tax loss just by properly labeling these transactions.

Note: Tax savings are not guaranteed by this course, but because crypto tax softwares tend to overreport your gains, reviewing & reconciling your transactions has the potential for massive savings on your crypto tax bills when you do eventually sell some of your stack.

So what type of transactions do Crypto Tax Software often miss?

  • Liquidity Mining/Yield Farming
  • Providing & Removing liquidity from a DEX
  • NFT Mints
  • Staking Rewards
  • DEX reward pools, raids, vaults, etc.
  • Autocompounders
  • Cross-chain bridges like Anyswap
  • "Shitcoining"
  • Presales/ICOs/Private Sales
  • TGE allocations & future airdrops
  • +more

So if you'd like to save a ton of time by NOT having to learn how to fix this yourself (took me HOURS of frustration) you can simply learn how to do it from a course like this.

And then you can reallocate the time and energy anywhere from your business, your family, or even for more degenerate tendencies & jpeg flipping!

What's Inside The Course?

The course is actually more like a "choose your own adventure" guide.

You get two cheat sheets & explainer videos.

1)The 80/20 Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet hows you how to fix the most common transactions that contribute to incorrect and overstated capital gains.

This path is great for anybody who doesn't care if their gains report is 100% perfect (since Koinly will make sure you're compliant by default) and just wants to get this done as quickly as possible.

It's also a great starting place before moving on to...

2)The Full Crypto Tax Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet has all of the different transactions that we've discovered Koinly struggles to properly label, and gives you quick hacks to fix them fast.

Note: we are consistently updating this cheat sheet as we discover new ways to save time and money.

This cheat sheet links out to 2-3 minute explainer videos for each of the transactions. In these videos, you watch "over my shoulder" as I fix these transactions and show you how to do the same as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Unlike other courses where you have to watch every video, you only need to follow what is relevant for you.

Again, our goal is to Make Crypto Tax Easy...not harder and more time consuming!

Many of our students are able to crank out their entire report in an afternoon.

How Long Will This Take?

This depends on whether you are doing an "archaelogical dig" going back and fixing all of your transactions for the prior tax year in one go, or if you are doing a monthly review & reconciliation (recommended).

The archaeological dig takes longer because you often have to do some digging on the blockchain to figure out wtf you were doing. 

Archaeological digs can take between 2-4 hours per 1000 transactions. 

Monthly reviews are quicker because you probably remember what buttons you pressed in the last month, and once you've completed your first archaeological dig, you are quicker to recognize your patterns and errors. 

Monthly reviews can take as little as 10-20 minutes!

What Kind of Support Do I Get?

If you purchase the course only, you do not get any support, but get lifetime access to the course.

If you purchase the course + 1 year support you also get access to my Telegram discussion group where you can submit any questions or transactions you cannot make sense of.

We will review your request & provide you with the best possible answer to your question, or if your question is answered in the course we will point you to the lesson that answers it. 

After the tax year is over, you will either have to purchase additional support OR:

Purchase the course + 2+ year support plan.

Why 2+ years? Because who knows how long we'll be doing this? I can commit to 2-years. But, shit...if Bitty boo (Bitcoin) pops off I'm retiring and never thinking about crypto taxes again...sorry.

But in all seriousness, I'll do my best to create an organization where there is the option for true lifetime support (even when I retire).

Can Someone Just Do This Shit For Me?!

Yes, when you purchase a Done-For-You plan.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes, if you hold a Wolf Den Wolf Pup NFT click the offer button, connect the wallet you hold your NFT in and it will unlock a very juicy discount offer.

If you are a member of The Guardian Academy, you can learn about your discount in the community discord. Guardian Tier gets free access to the course.

Want to offer a discount perk to your crypto or NFT community? Contact us to discuss.

Can I Pay In Crypto?

Absolutely, it's preferred. Choose "NowPayments" as a payment option at checkout.

I'm A Bookkeeper/Accountant, Can I Offer This To My Clients?

Heck Yea! And we are building a training program to help Bookkeepers & Accountants learn the skills & build this offer into their business. Use our contact form to inquire.

Does This Work? You Seem To Joke Alot For Such A Serious Topic...

Crypto Taxes don't have to be boring, so of course I am going to crack a few jokes. And if you don't like it...too bad nobody else is doing this so you either need to put up with my sense of humor, pay the IRS more than you owe, or go to jail.

Speaking of sense of humor, if you like Dad jokes, the "DAD" found this course to be a flaming pile of poo...or, maybe I misread that....

Can I Get A Refund?

Sure, if after 30-days you decide this course sucks and you were better off before knowing how to fix your splitting migraine headache known as crypto taxes...just contact me for a full refund.

But don't be a jerk and take advantage of the generous refund policy. Otherwise Sam Bankman-Fried will buy your favorite crypto exchange.

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