How It Works

Done-For-You Crypto Tax Service

Phase 1: Archaeological Dig To Uncover Savings


If you choose to use our done-for-you service, then we start with a process that we call the “Archaeological Dig”.

In order to save you the most money possible on your taxes, it is important to go back to the beginning of your crypto transaction history, even if you don’t plan to file amended tax returns.


Because in most countries there is a capital gains tax discount if you hold your crypto for 12-months or longer.

Unfortunately, we have found that the crypto tax softwares often make mistakes which “reset” the capital gains tax clock. These mistakes can mean you are paying 2x as much in capital gains tax vs. what you actually owe!

Once we complete the archaeological dig, we will provide you with crypto tax reports so you can amend past returns if you choose to. Many of our clients end up getting refunds from past years by amending their returns.

And even if they don’t 99% of the time it substantially reduces their capital gains tax in the current tax year.

If you’ve only invested in crypto for the current year, then we will go back to the beginning of your history and wrap up the current tax year.


Phase 2: Ongoing Crypto Bookkeeping


Once your archaeological dig is complete, you are eligible for our ongoing services.

These services are discounted, and also come with a number of other benefits including:

  • Monthly account reconciliation and reporting so you never get blindsided by unexpected taxes, and can trade with confidence
  • Guaranteed crypto tax report completed before the tax deadline
  • Crypto tax reports paid for by us (this saves clients $150-1000+)

Once we complete your archaeological dig, we will give you a custom quote for the discounted ongoing services.


How DIY Crypto Tax Made Easy Course Works


For the crypto investors who have more time on their hands and prefer a “DIY” approach we also have the Crypto Tax Made Easy course.


The Crypto Tax Made Easy Course teaches you the process we use to get an accurate tax report and minimize our clients’ capital gains tax liability as quickly as possible.


I spent months trying to learn how to do my crypto taxes, making lots of mistakes along the way. The learning curve was steep and cost me a lot of time and sleep.


So if you don’t have the budget to pay someone else to do your crypto taxes, but:

  • You want to save money and make sure you pay only what you owe
  • Have the peace of mind that your crypto tax report is done right
  • And don’t want to struggle through the learning curve yourself


Our Crypto Tax Made Easy course walks you through the process with short 2-5 minute videos and PDF guides that show you exactly how to interpret and categorize your crypto transactions for tax purposes.


The course contains no fluff, and just helps you get your crypto tax report done as fast as possible to save money and get it right.


You will finish the course with a downloadable tax report that you can either import to your regular tax software, or hand to your CPA for inclusion in your return.


Getting Support With DIY Course


For support on tricky transactions - we recommend purchasing a support package with your course.


With a support package, you can get direct assistance from me and my team of accountants if you run into any transactions that you are struggling to interpret.


Over 80% of our customers purchase at least a 1-year support package to start, and you can see our 28 5-star reviews from clients who have found the course + support option to be invaluable.